All I've Learned : Series

Reframing Everyday Distractions for Creativity by Andy Stoltz

Think about this; everyday we have ample opportunity to escape work and we're encouraged to more and more. These are the distractions gifted to us by our favorite TV shows, video games, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the endlessness of cellular apps buzzing in our pockets!

It can definitely be difficult to avoid all those distractions especially when our social lives have all been woven into the fabric of these things. I mean, Try to think of the last casual conversation you had that some form of media wasn't mentioned or involved. By developing just a few good habits you can accomplish more and turn your distractions into gainful experiences

Stop killing time and start using time! Save distractions for when your burnt out, they will actually help your mind to recuperate. Not feeling inspired? try taking some time to just do a few nature studies or write. Whatever it is just force yourself to be creative the first chance you get everyday and over time you'll find that getting to work straight away is easy.

Now take your work and share it! Post it on Instragram, Twitter, Facebook and just about anywhere else you want. Make sharing your reason for logging in. With all that consistent sharing you might even find an audience! Just imagine yourself being able to honestly say that you work hours everyday at achieving your creative goals. It feels good!