Big Steps, little steps. / by Andy Stoltz

I’ve been working on far more projects lately and taking longer hours working on illustrations under NDA. I truly wish I could share that which now makes up the bulk of my portfolio. I have been doing more personal work lately and have planned some collaborative works for the future.

Screen Shot copyright 2019, Andy Stoltz

I’ve just finished the initial drawings for a series of fantastic illustrated maps. They are currently being critiqued and revised by my peers. I’ve updated my illustration gallery here to include a preview. Super excited to continue doing work like this and hope to carve out a niche for myself doing these.

My next steps are to be making some smaller pieces and dropping into more Graphic Design. Thats all for now. I’ll be checking in again in late July. In the mean time please stop in and check out my live streams on

Until next time,

Andy Stoltz