time for art. / by Andy Stoltz

How do we find people to collaborate with? Battling with a fully loaded schedule and a burnt out brain.

There are so many things I want to do but I find it difficult to get in touch with the right people with the same passion and drive to do a thing that I have. Another big part of this is trust, anyone I’ve ever met and invited to collaborate with has been flakey or just not a team player. I usually end up spending more time with team building and trying to build engagement. Part of all this is on me too, I’m competing with my work schedule to find time and my weekends are a blur of driving around between states and being a parent. This leaves me with just 4 weekday afternoons to work with. Time spent finding a space to breathe and recenter, time to cook, clean, and read. Time to get to work all over again with the energy and passion each project deserves.

So I’m playing with options to grab up more project time and it comes down to - just push harder - or - make more time somewhere. For now I’m just pushing harder and maybe I’ll try to grab up an extra hour of sleep and that’ll get me the energy I need to get what I want done.

a bit of a rant but it’s my birthday today and I think I should be allowed one rant a year.