Forward Motions / by Andy Stoltz

In the past year I’ve read over 150 books and listened to more than 400 hours of podcasts. Now after two and a half years in the creative desert of patent illustration I want more than anything to make something real and new. My mind is a treasure trove of ideas and stories ready to birth new worlds.

I’m digging into a small stack of moleskines and bringing out the best ideas.

This is so overdue. My schedule is hell, it’s been hell for years, Dante had to start there so why can’t I.

I have a nice home set up to work from. Anytime I feel like I can’t find time I’ll just remind myself of the considerable investment I’ve made in putting my ideal office together. Also I’m on Twitch go there and make me beholden to your expectations. Social media is the beast I’ve feared for far too long but it the beast I need to ride whether I like it or not. I’ll just be learning the ropes on twitter @paparhombus.

This isn’t just a big social media plug for myself. Just an introspective. We al have our tales to tell, this is mine.