2019 and we feel good / by Andy Stoltz

Been busy cramming in time with my better half before she flies off to Israel for a bit so this one’s a bit late. Oh, and the holidays too!

Going to start streaming loads more so subscribe for that. I’ll be diving into some cool new vector tool plug-ins for Illustrator making a big ol’ beautiful space lion!

Streaming vector art is a bit of a challenge because it’s a little on the slow side. All art takes time but vectors are a special breed of art that takes good planning to execute well. Super worth it though, like putting together a good story. I also go over the technique I use and how I’m learning all the neat ways the program can surprise me even after 6 years of vector illustration experience. I went and got myself a professional microphone so you get to hear my good voice, all smooth and sexy!

My boss has got me writing copy and doing all his marketing at work lately so it’s nice to write a little something here for all you wonderful folks who’ve supported me in so many ways over the years. Wish I had more to share but, I’ve got “Hungry Like the Wolf',” playing in my office right now and I just cant think of anything else to say. NICE “Burning down the House” by Talking Heads just started up!!!!