HEY NOVEMBER / by Andy Stoltz

Hello Hello,

This is just a check in, Holidays always mess me up but lately i’ve been working on doing some work with my brother customizing a PC (photos to come). I’ve upgraded my home set-up so that someday when I get that remote work I’ll be all set. Lately work has been all consuming of my time as I work to complete a project for a very cool independent inventor.

Recently I came to the depression realization that my work is all confidential so I can’t include any of it in my portfolio ): so my career is somewhat limited to the very specialized work that I do extremely well. So what the point, right? Well, perhaps I’m thinking its time for a change!? take a gander at my twitch. I’m relaunching my channel as twitch premier vector artist, and hopefully soon 3D CAD artist. I’m paparhombus on there, in case you forgot, go take a look and let me know what you think.