Let's catch up! / by Andy Stoltz


I’m back, and yes I know, the past year I have been very quiet but I’m aiming to change that. I’m reinventing my portfolio now, and also making a great effort to be more social and make more content that you can enjoy, like right away even!

What have you been up to this past year?

I have been reading HEAVILY over the past year, dozens of books, academic articles, and several hundred hours of podcasts. I started a vast world building project, and I’ve gathered a group of my peers to help me to review and further develop those ideas in my biggest collaborative project ever. I’m hoping to translate these regular meetings into some shareable format soon. Needless to say, that whole project has shaped up to be immensely beneficial to all involved.

I’ll be posting some new content and appearing in live videos hosted by Twitch. Please go on ahead and subscribe to that channel, you won’t regret it www.twitch.tv/paparhombus also find me on instagram where I’ve been posting sketchbook content @paparhombus and on twitter @andystoltz

What’s in store then?

The path now is to actually get into things here and develop a new skill-set. Or rather not a new skill set so much as to pad a portfolio of projects that will demonstrate those skills. All of this will be openly developed here as to illustrate my process. I took a look back at my career history and determined that product design would be my future career. I do it already in a sense as a patent illustrator and the concept of developing and prototyping new products and applications is right up my alley. I have a sketch book full of such ideas, most for fun but also a fair amount are innovative solutions with real purpose with real purpose.

Product designer is also a very general job description that more or less describes a a person adept in the process of building something with a marketable purpose that solves a particular issue. This includes both physical and digital solutions, and includes a wide range of skills and a particular focus on creative lateral thinking (which has always been my very best skill)

I practice all these things in my day to day life, at work and home, and with my friends and family. I’m rambling yeah, but this is my passion, so it’s off to the drawing board to get these ideas made real so I can showcase!