Organization for The Disorganized / by Andy Stoltz

Staying well ordered Has its Obvious Benefits, but what if you're typically jumbled?

Combine strong organization with minimalism and you'll never go searching for that lost whatever that you need RIGHT NOW! You can uproot and move on short notice, start new projects with ease, the list goes on and on. All in all being organized saves time, money and your peace of mind.

So today I finally found time out from my busy schedule to blog (yes, I know it's been some time) and to clear out my storage unit now that I don't need the extra space anymore. The storage unit was to hold what couldn't fit into my one bedroom and over time turned into space for supplies and books. 

Gradually I've been able to eliminate most of what I own so that all that is left is an organized set of essentials and material resources.

I used to struggle with organization personally, it was pretty ugly, I'm definitely not and an intrinsically organized person. However, about five years ago, all that changed when I was introduced to minimalism as a lifestyle. It was like the magic pill that cured my cluttered nature.

A good friend and I spent a day just tossing everything that didn't really serve any immediate purpose in my life.

I had one small box for sentimental things and collectables of considerable value, but other than that it all was either donated to put to the curb. The feeling of it all going away was liberating and the anxiety I had felt from being disorganized was replaced with total clarity. 


My personal issue with organization became a thing of the past! But what about when you spend time daily with other people who aren't organized in the same way?

Minimalism can be a tough sell to some people. We basically live in a world where material gain is a measure of success and achievement. It's about being able to have more in the way of experiences and quality of life.

Think about who would be more interesting to have a conversation with: A guy who collects cars or a guy who spent a year traveling the world?

  Like really imagine your sitting in a waiting room with those two fellas, and for the sake of your own sanity you decide to talk to for the next hour. I just start with that type of basic concept and build out, and eventually whoever and myself get to place where they're thinking that perhaps they could part with their amassed collection of backpacks and bags.


Anyways most of everything I own is sitting on an aluminum shelf now and I am one truckload away from where I am now and where I want to be.