Happy Independence Day! I'm Back on the Blog! / by Andy Stoltz

Going into a two a week rhythm here after much hiatus.

Hello and Welcome to blog rebooted!

I will not be wasting anymore of my time on work that is not creative

Since my last entry in April I've been pretty busy trying to nail down a stable income. I took on substitute teaching and event arts with Fun Enterprises and sent out over 80 completely redisgned résumés to artists positions exclusively (I will not be wasting anymore of my time on work that is not creative). It's been loads of driving and I've learned so much about myself, but now that the teaching is at least over I find myself with a little more free time to return to this!

WeDraw #SpacePenguinAdventures

There are of course other additions to my routine that will occupy the additional twenty hours in my week. I just did my first @WeDraw post on Vine and I'm looking for other similar arts groups/activities all throughout social media. Some projects that have been on hold are coming to life again, and I'm training for an obstacle 5k.

As for Twitch, sadly, until I can stream without issues and with some integrity, I don't see a point to using Twitch as a forum for my art. I will however return to streaming when the issues on my end are resolved.