Going from pointless doodles to great ideas ready to develop / by Andy Stoltz

What to draw? It's a big deal when your stuck, and it's super frustrating, but relax ideas are everywhere

First off, check yourself! There are no art blocks, just distractions. If you're conscious and can move you can draw, no excuses. Bummed out, not feeling it? Those are both great reasons to draw, just get your mark maker and your place to make marks and start markin'! You'll start feeling better in no time, just scribble out your frustration or whatever; personally I draw trees to pick myself up from a bad mood. 

weird doodles are good even if they never amount to anything

Commit to this idea, "If I want to draw I will." There are tools to draw everywhere and most of them are free. Just don't be picky, you don't need a $20 mechanical pencil to draw anything. Heck, you can scrape rocks on things or watercolor with coffee. My point is; there are no excuses and you should be prepared to draw or take notes at all times.

Commit to this idea, "If I want to draw I will." 

Start with a little idea, like, just draw a lamp or a water bottle, whatever is there. Whatever you draw just own it and have fun. Think about what you want (we're all really good at this whether we can admit it or not) it doesn't have to be what you want most, just the things you like or want. Try drawing that.

Maybe by now little ideas are growing, write them down or doodle them being sure to emphasize the particular elements that make up each idea and note the thoughts that accompany the ideas. Now it's a good time to take a break, get some coffee, go outside, call a friend, just get out of your own head for a moment. 

Now you can look over your ideas and clarify them, sort the bad from the good, figure out what sort of design will enhance the concepts related to each idea. This is when I take time to make my thumbnail sketches and think about how to execute.

some of my personal notes written in my personal way