Live Streaming Crisis!! / by Andy Stoltz

So if you've been reading this blog or following me on social media you know that I broadcast live creative streams through and recently this has not been going so well. The issue is my computer falls just short of being able to handle the digital work currently in progress and broadcasting software with all it's peripherals simultaneously.

 This of course comes as I have been writing a master-post on how to stream your creative content. 

However for those patient souls still interested in seeing a nice clean l've broadcast all is not lost. ~Okay well half of what I'd like there to be for you is totally out of reach unless a couple thousand dollars magically appear for me.~ The solution is just that I won't be broadcasting anymore digital work until I can afford a more powerful computer to do so.

Instead there will be a weekly doodle night (or two)! These will happen during the week when you need it most between 8 and 10pm EST (trust me that this is a great way to relax before bed). Follow me on twitter by click one of the  social media icons in the upper left corner to get advance notice and all the good things that happen from following nice people on twitter :)