Computerless and ok / by Andy Stoltz

Fortunately I can blog straight from my phone since my computer finally bit the dust after 6 years of loyal service. I ran weekly backups though so it's cool.

Also in other news I just accepted an illustration position and miraculously may have also figured out moving to a new place already. I picked up oil painting again and have a skeleton themed inktober running on my intagram (subtly gestures towards social links atop this page), "follow, yes?"

No life lessons this post, just one quick piece of advice that's always held true. If you have a dream, put it out unto the world and share it. I've been doing just that for a while now and I am so grateful for the people who have helped me along. Just stay positive and keep working toward what you want. Like, I've gotten down on myself once in a while but I've kept it in check and that attitude has really paid off.

A new computer is in the pipeline, I'm waiting 'til I'm transitioned to a new place first since rumors are surfacing that there could be a new gen of iMacs very soon. I'm counting on it, since I'm upgrading from laptop to desktop, fingers crossed.