New Years! ... and this is how life is going. / by Andy Stoltz

Another holiday season is past and so begins another year. I just began a contract making and editing graphics at a little publishing place responsible for all those overpriced textbooks you barely used. I'm also jumping back into learning French and for now it seems my luck has turned; I guess that's what being persistent gets you. 

Here are a few plans I have for 2016!

  • Keep up the blog and follow my own advice
  • Experiment with social media and see what happens
  • Organize the hundreds of books and periodicals I've collected
  • Have a personal monthly project/goal to commit to (this month's goal is just to finish one painting and freshen up my workspace)
  • Start streaming on Twitch again.
  • Build two furniture prototypes by April.

That's it. Happy New Year!