Having the Courage to Change Your Life / by Andy Stoltz

I used to have this job where I literally sat in a locked room inside a restricted building inside a secured compound wearing a smock with my arm tethered to a table by a cord. It was also a very corporate kind of place, not all bad but it was an adjustment coming right out of an art school.

I made point to be creative every chance I got. I would use my soldering iron and burn designs into wood shims, made little wire figures and sketched in a little pocket notebook whenever there was downtime. I once made a small coptic bound book with notecards, tape, and some thread and even the art attached to this post came as a product of boredom. 


I always focused on how important it is to stay creative, I would still be there if it weren't for all those moments in between jobs when I could be an artist. It served as a therapy and a reminder that there was more to life than the daily grind and I had this gift and could go far with it.

If you have something you love to do then just do it, we all have bills to pay so make a plan and be brave. I took all my vacation time and just did an intensive search calling on anyone who could help me while focusing all my time on applying only to jobs I really wanted and I found a better job for myself in just a little more than a month from when I committed myself to make the change.

That's as easy as I can make that process sound, there was also a good amount of work that came beforeI felt ready to begin an intensive search. I ended up finding a part time job that was only a few blocks from where I lived, the savings in time and gas alone made up for the pay cut I took and I was finally doing work that engaged my skills. Even better, I was able to have more time to work on what I really wanted.

Life has brought me a long way from then, and now I'm in just about the same place ready to do it all again but with all the lesson from before. Now I have a much clearer path to finding success, I know exactly where I want my career to go, and I'm a hell of a lot more confident. My point is, always stay creative no matter what and be brave otherwise you'll never get anywhere.