HEY NOVEMBER by Andy Stoltz

Hello Hello,

This is just a check in, Holidays always mess me up but lately i’ve been working on doing some work with my brother customizing a PC (photos to come). I’ve upgraded my home set-up so that someday when I get that remote work I’ll be all set. Lately work has been all consuming of my time as I work to complete a project for a very cool independent inventor.

Recently I came to the depression realization that my work is all confidential so I can’t include any of it in my portfolio ): so my career is somewhat limited to the very specialized work that I do extremely well. So what the point, right? Well, perhaps I’m thinking its time for a change!? take a gander at my twitch. I’m relaunching my channel as twitch premier vector artist, and hopefully soon 3D CAD artist. I’m paparhombus on there, in case you forgot, go take a look and let me know what you think.

Happy Halloween! by Andy Stoltz

Hey where’d you go?

I just spent the last couple of weeks traveling around Arizona. It has in a way brought me back to my college thesis which discusses how we relate to scale and I realized I have never mentioned anything about that here. Basically my concept was that we all relate to scale differently, just as we relate to what’s possible and this matters because how its presented in the world says a whole heck of a lot about our society.

For example some places in developing countries will have these massive tangles of wires on their telephone poles as over time more and more homes have become networked in. Those wires have never been managed to look like the neat tidy telephone poles we’re accustomed to. Someone may believe that there is no other way to supply those utilities to a densely populated area but the truth is that the scale of that power grid and the scale of our own are roughly the same.

The Mountains in the Western United States as compared to the Eastern United States always reminds me of how scale is relevant to everyone based on their life experience. Consider the massive difference in scale, how we use trees as a point of reference for scale in New Hampshire, and that the scale for a place like Arizona is now tough low lying scrubs. You will very quickly realize that what you initially believed to be a short distance is really miles upon miles.

What’s going on now?

I’m still streaming fairly regularly, sometimes games and sometimes art projects. I’ve accumulated over 40 hours of time spent streaming content in the past month! The channel is twitch.tv/paparhombus and it’s mostly art and multiplayer games right now with loads of commentary but I want to also start playing different tabletop games with strong story-telling elements.

BTW ~ This Halloween the theme is skeletons! I’m dawning a flight suit and dressing as Top Gun Skeleton (it’s very last minute).

 Superstition Mountains, Apache Junction, AZ: Meg and I got a little off track in the wilderness coming on nightfall. Fortunately I befriended a veteran adventurer who helped show us the way.

Superstition Mountains, Apache Junction, AZ: Meg and I got a little off track in the wilderness coming on nightfall. Fortunately I befriended a veteran adventurer who helped show us the way.

Let's catch up! by Andy Stoltz


I’m back, and yes I know, the past year I have been very quiet but I’m aiming to change that. I’m reinventing my portfolio now, and also making a great effort to be more social and make more content that you can enjoy, like right away even!

What have you been up to this past year?

I have been reading HEAVILY over the past year, dozens of books, academic articles, and several hundred hours of podcasts. I started a vast world building project, and I’ve gathered a group of my peers to help me to review and further develop those ideas in my biggest collaborative project ever. I’m hoping to translate these regular meetings into some shareable format soon. Needless to say, that whole project has shaped up to be immensely beneficial to all involved.

I’ll be posting some new content and appearing in live videos hosted by Twitch. Please go on ahead and subscribe to that channel, you won’t regret it www.twitch.tv/paparhombus also find me on instagram where I’ve been posting sketchbook content @paparhombus and on twitter @andystoltz

What’s in store then?

The path now is to actually get into things here and develop a new skill-set. Or rather not a new skill set so much as to pad a portfolio of projects that will demonstrate those skills. All of this will be openly developed here as to illustrate my process. I took a look back at my career history and determined that product design would be my future career. I do it already in a sense as a patent illustrator and the concept of developing and prototyping new products and applications is right up my alley. I have a sketch book full of such ideas, most for fun but also a fair amount are innovative solutions with real purpose with real purpose.

Product designer is also a very general job description that more or less describes a a person adept in the process of building something with a marketable purpose that solves a particular issue. This includes both physical and digital solutions, and includes a wide range of skills and a particular focus on creative lateral thinking (which has always been my very best skill)

I practice all these things in my day to day life, at work and home, and with my friends and family. I’m rambling yeah, but this is my passion, so it’s off to the drawing board to get these ideas made real so I can showcase!


Computerless and ok by Andy Stoltz

Fortunately I can blog straight from my phone since my computer finally bit the dust after 6 years of loyal service. I ran weekly backups though so it's cool.

Also in other news I just accepted an illustration position and miraculously may have also figured out moving to a new place already. I picked up oil painting again and have a skeleton themed inktober running on my intagram (subtly gestures towards social links atop this page), "follow, yes?"

No life lessons this post, just one quick piece of advice that's always held true. If you have a dream, put it out unto the world and share it. I've been doing just that for a while now and I am so grateful for the people who have helped me along. Just stay positive and keep working toward what you want. Like, I've gotten down on myself once in a while but I've kept it in check and that attitude has really paid off.

A new computer is in the pipeline, I'm waiting 'til I'm transitioned to a new place first since rumors are surfacing that there could be a new gen of iMacs very soon. I'm counting on it, since I'm upgrading from laptop to desktop, fingers crossed.

Organization for The Disorganized by Andy Stoltz

Staying well ordered Has its Obvious Benefits, but what if you're typically jumbled?

Combine strong organization with minimalism and you'll never go searching for that lost whatever that you need RIGHT NOW! You can uproot and move on short notice, start new projects with ease, the list goes on and on. All in all being organized saves time, money and your peace of mind.

So today I finally found time out from my busy schedule to blog (yes, I know it's been some time) and to clear out my storage unit now that I don't need the extra space anymore. The storage unit was to hold what couldn't fit into my one bedroom and over time turned into space for supplies and books. 

Gradually I've been able to eliminate most of what I own so that all that is left is an organized set of essentials and material resources.

I used to struggle with organization personally, it was pretty ugly, I'm definitely not and an intrinsically organized person. However, about five years ago, all that changed when I was introduced to minimalism as a lifestyle. It was like the magic pill that cured my cluttered nature.

A good friend and I spent a day just tossing everything that didn't really serve any immediate purpose in my life.

I had one small box for sentimental things and collectables of considerable value, but other than that it all was either donated to put to the curb. The feeling of it all going away was liberating and the anxiety I had felt from being disorganized was replaced with total clarity. 


My personal issue with organization became a thing of the past! But what about when you spend time daily with other people who aren't organized in the same way?

Minimalism can be a tough sell to some people. We basically live in a world where material gain is a measure of success and achievement. It's about being able to have more in the way of experiences and quality of life.

Think about who would be more interesting to have a conversation with: A guy who collects cars or a guy who spent a year traveling the world?

  Like really imagine your sitting in a waiting room with those two fellas, and for the sake of your own sanity you decide to talk to for the next hour. I just start with that type of basic concept and build out, and eventually whoever and myself get to place where they're thinking that perhaps they could part with their amassed collection of backpacks and bags.


Anyways most of everything I own is sitting on an aluminum shelf now and I am one truckload away from where I am now and where I want to be.