Big Steps, little steps. by Andy Stoltz

I’ve been working on far more projects lately and taking longer hours working on illustrations under NDA. I truly wish I could share that which now makes up the bulk of my portfolio. I have been doing more personal work lately and have planned some collaborative works for the future.

Screen Shot copyright 2019, Andy Stoltz

I’ve just finished the initial drawings for a series of fantastic illustrated maps. They are currently being critiqued and revised by my peers. I’ve updated my illustration gallery here to include a preview. Super excited to continue doing work like this and hope to carve out a niche for myself doing these.

My next steps are to be making some smaller pieces and dropping into more Graphic Design. Thats all for now. I’ll be checking in again in late July. In the mean time please stop in and check out my live streams on

Until next time,

Andy Stoltz

time for art. by Andy Stoltz

How do we find people to collaborate with? Battling with a fully loaded schedule and a burnt out brain.

There are so many things I want to do but I find it difficult to get in touch with the right people with the same passion and drive to do a thing that I have. Another big part of this is trust, anyone I’ve ever met and invited to collaborate with has been flakey or just not a team player. I usually end up spending more time with team building and trying to build engagement. Part of all this is on me too, I’m competing with my work schedule to find time and my weekends are a blur of driving around between states and being a parent. This leaves me with just 4 weekday afternoons to work with. Time spent finding a space to breathe and recenter, time to cook, clean, and read. Time to get to work all over again with the energy and passion each project deserves.

So I’m playing with options to grab up more project time and it comes down to - just push harder - or - make more time somewhere. For now I’m just pushing harder and maybe I’ll try to grab up an extra hour of sleep and that’ll get me the energy I need to get what I want done.

a bit of a rant but it’s my birthday today and I think I should be allowed one rant a year.

Forward Motions by Andy Stoltz

In the past year I’ve read over 150 books and listened to more than 400 hours of podcasts. Now after two and a half years in the creative desert of patent illustration I want more than anything to make something real and new. My mind is a treasure trove of ideas and stories ready to birth new worlds.

I’m digging into a small stack of moleskines and bringing out the best ideas.

This is so overdue. My schedule is hell, it’s been hell for years, Dante had to start there so why can’t I.

I have a nice home set up to work from. Anytime I feel like I can’t find time I’ll just remind myself of the considerable investment I’ve made in putting my ideal office together. Also I’m on Twitch go there and make me beholden to your expectations. Social media is the beast I’ve feared for far too long but it the beast I need to ride whether I like it or not. I’ll just be learning the ropes on twitter @paparhombus.

This isn’t just a big social media plug for myself. Just an introspective. We al have our tales to tell, this is mine.

2019 and we feel good by Andy Stoltz

Been busy cramming in time with my better half before she flies off to Israel for a bit so this one’s a bit late. Oh, and the holidays too!

Going to start streaming loads more so subscribe for that. I’ll be diving into some cool new vector tool plug-ins for Illustrator making a big ol’ beautiful space lion!

Streaming vector art is a bit of a challenge because it’s a little on the slow side. All art takes time but vectors are a special breed of art that takes good planning to execute well. Super worth it though, like putting together a good story. I also go over the technique I use and how I’m learning all the neat ways the program can surprise me even after 6 years of vector illustration experience. I went and got myself a professional microphone so you get to hear my good voice, all smooth and sexy!

My boss has got me writing copy and doing all his marketing at work lately so it’s nice to write a little something here for all you wonderful folks who’ve supported me in so many ways over the years. Wish I had more to share but, I’ve got “Hungry Like the Wolf',” playing in my office right now and I just cant think of anything else to say. NICE “Burning down the House” by Talking Heads just started up!!!!

HEY NOVEMBER by Andy Stoltz

Hello Hello,

This is just a check in, Holidays always mess me up but lately i’ve been working on doing some work with my brother customizing a PC (photos to come). I’ve upgraded my home set-up so that someday when I get that remote work I’ll be all set. Lately work has been all consuming of my time as I work to complete a project for a very cool independent inventor.

Recently I came to the depression realization that my work is all confidential so I can’t include any of it in my portfolio ): so my career is somewhat limited to the very specialized work that I do extremely well. So what the point, right? Well, perhaps I’m thinking its time for a change!? take a gander at my twitch. I’m relaunching my channel as twitch premier vector artist, and hopefully soon 3D CAD artist. I’m paparhombus on there, in case you forgot, go take a look and let me know what you think.

Happy Halloween! by Andy Stoltz

Hey where’d you go?

I just spent the last couple of weeks traveling around Arizona. It has in a way brought me back to my college thesis which discusses how we relate to scale and I realized I have never mentioned anything about that here. Basically my concept was that we all relate to scale differently, just as we relate to what’s possible and this matters because how its presented in the world says a whole heck of a lot about our society.

For example some places in developing countries will have these massive tangles of wires on their telephone poles as over time more and more homes have become networked in. Those wires have never been managed to look like the neat tidy telephone poles we’re accustomed to. Someone may believe that there is no other way to supply those utilities to a densely populated area but the truth is that the scale of that power grid and the scale of our own are roughly the same.

The Mountains in the Western United States as compared to the Eastern United States always reminds me of how scale is relevant to everyone based on their life experience. Consider the massive difference in scale, how we use trees as a point of reference for scale in New Hampshire, and that the scale for a place like Arizona is now tough low lying scrubs. You will very quickly realize that what you initially believed to be a short distance is really miles upon miles.

What’s going on now?

I’m still streaming fairly regularly, sometimes games and sometimes art projects. I’ve accumulated over 40 hours of time spent streaming content in the past month! The channel is and it’s mostly art and multiplayer games right now with loads of commentary but I want to also start playing different tabletop games with strong story-telling elements.

BTW ~ This Halloween the theme is skeletons! I’m dawning a flight suit and dressing as Top Gun Skeleton (it’s very last minute).

Superstition Mountains, Apache Junction, AZ: Meg and I got a little off track in the wilderness coming on nightfall. Fortunately I befriended a veteran adventurer who helped show us the way.

Superstition Mountains, Apache Junction, AZ: Meg and I got a little off track in the wilderness coming on nightfall. Fortunately I befriended a veteran adventurer who helped show us the way.