Andy Stoltz is an Visual Designer living in the Boston area. He graduated from The New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2011 with a BFA in Fine Art Illustration and, after years of poopoo jobs, is finally making a living for himself as an artist.

Andy's approach to design ensures the work speaks specifically to it's audience and goals by combining modern design principles with his background in content marketing strategy.

Andy driving a real life monster truck in Doylesburg, PA.

Andy wearing glasses, proud that he just fixed his camera's autofocusing issue.

Andy loves to read and analyze magazines and subscribes to Cabinet, IdN, Colors, Esquire, HiFructose, NatGeo, and Pallet (they are mostly all excellent). He also recently acquired a motorcycle to fit in with his single-dad style, enjoys karaoke, roadtrips, Thursdays, carpentry and film photography.